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Seraphim Angels and the Seraphic Spheres


Opening Portals to the Seraphic Spheres

Gaining wisdom through guidance and energetic support of a higher consciousness by awakening your innate abilities.

Most people know that the Seraphim are the highest order of angels closest to Source of Love and all Creation. Most people also have some awareness of the shifts occurring on the earth and with the enlightenment of humanity. In recent years the Seraphim Angels have come more into the forefront to assist mankind with the transitions occurring within and on our planet earth, Gaia.

What you may not know…

We have been told that it is important to understand and connect with the knowledge held within our crystalline structure. This has been repeatedly emphasized. There has also been an awakening of the crystalline layers of the earth where there are 22- 24 spheres that are closely protected and linked to the Seraphim Angels. The awakening or activation of the spheres means that a higher vibration- a more clear energy- is now available to us and Gaia, our Mother Earth. This refined vibrational frequency sets the stage to create the Waves of Seraphic Energy for many karmic corrections and advanced benefits. When we connect to the ethereal Seraphic Spheres and specifically the Seraph ADALIAN, the quality of vibrant divine energy, becomes more multi-dimensional than ever before. Imagine all we can co-create and manifest with this high heart vibration through the foundation of the Waves of Love.

We are more crystalline in structure than we think about on a daily basis. The liquid crystal nature of our tissues and cell structure and the crystal molecule of our DNA allows us to possess all the qualities of a highly sensitive “body consciousness” that can respond to all forms of subtle energy. This includes the ability to transmute dense energy into Light when we receive specific attunements to the Seraphic energies for healing ourselves, our country and our planet.

Read about Seraph ADALIAN, the Seraph who is Guardian of North America. 

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