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We, the Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom, in accordance with the divine guidance and wisdom of Seraph ADALIAN, set forth the following Vision Statement: As initiated teachers of information and wisdom, we recognize the sacred responsibility with which we have been entrusted. 

We aspire to the wellbeing of the North American Continent and its inhabitants, and for the planet as a whole. Our goal is to bring these teachings to all who wish to receive them, for the advancement of the Highest Good of humanity and the planet. 

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Seraphic Spheres Vi​sion Statement 

Through the Meet The Teachers button below, you will find a list of all of our teachers by time zone. Please click on the teacher’s name to go to their individual page. Their pag​es are personalized to convey each teacher's unique energetic signature, background and credentials.

The Seraphic Wisdom courses are always fluid with upshifts, expansions and changes in how the energies are used. Periodically, Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom are updated and taught about these changes. 

The Certification Renewal Date beneath their name designates which teachers are most current with the upshifted energies and expanded information. 

A link that will route you to our organization's class calendar is located at the bottom of each teacher bio. Please click the Class Calendar link to learn of their individual class schedules. Most teachers offer classes via teleconference, Skype or Zoom, so you can learn from the comfort of your home or sacred space. In-person classes are also offered. 

View the Class Calendar for all events, classes and meditations scheduled. 

Thank you for wishing to learn more about how to become a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom.

Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom Directory

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