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The Light Essence 

Of the Rocky Mountains

"The time has come to connect with the expanded potential; to let it flow as a new base for human activities and a new awakened lifestyle."  - Seraph ADALIAN

The energy attunements contained in The Light Essence of The Rocky Mountains are very elegant, elevated and accelerated. These energies, offered in love from the Seraph ADALIAN, are a prescription for nourishment of the human soul, and the malnourished earth.

In the course we begin with a clearing process to connect to the Higher Self. This expansive preparation permits us to enter into communication with the Guardians and Elders of the Land for teachings and personal inspirations. These gifts will allow us to perceive love, joy, and beauty through new optics. As we progress through the attunements we become readied to hold a higher dimensional Light spectrum. One of the expanded abilities received is the creation of quantum waves for healing, love, faith and wisdom to create precise results. The new quantum Waves of Love and Faith build upon what has been created by Practitioners in the past years creating a foundation to make this course available to anyone guided to participate.

There are a myriad of dynamic and thought opening topics contained in this unique and timely course. Through the unveiling and integration of the attunements we can connect directly with the Light Sphere of the glorious Rocky Mountain range and gain access to the energetic treasures that lie within as they become available to humanity. 

Base fee: $225.00

Duration: 3-4 Hours

In-person workshops may be slightly higher to offset venue costs and teacher travel expenses.

No Pre-requisites required.

Completion of this course allows the student to become certified as a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom.

Class Duration varies by teacher.

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