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Teacher Certifications

Certifications to Become a Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom

“Bringing the Seraphic Frequency in a benevolent, loving manner to others, for their highest and greatest good, is the supreme goal of a Facilitator. This expression of service is returned many times as a vibration of angelic gratitude.” -Seraph ADALIAN 2016

If you feel called to teach any of the Seraphic Wisdom courses, the process and pre-requisites for each Teaching Certification are outlined under the course name below.

The first step is to request the application to become a Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom by contacting the Teacher Mentor. 

Return the completed Request for Confirmation questionnaire with a $50 application fee (refundable if not confirmed).

Once you receive notice of the Seraph’s confirmation to become a teacher, you must complete the pre-requisites as noted for each course. Then register for the next available Teacher Training/Certification course offered and submit the course fee before the registration due date.

Please email Cynthia, Teacher Mentor, for more information of what Teachers receive and support provided with the Teacher Certification program.

Teacher Certification Program Pre-requisites

The Seraph’s Love and Faith

The Birth of the New Avalon

The Light Essence of the Rocky Mountains

If you feel called to bring the attunements from Seraph ADALIAN to others, you are invited to request a Confirmation of Becoming a Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom questionnaire at this time. Those who are called to be a part of this group will hold a high-heart vibration that fosters the support and success of all future teachers in the community. We will work together in a cohesive and loving way that will be in alignment with the new earth paradigm of teaching and learning by honoring all as equal partners of Light.

Requirements Necessary Before Taking the Teacher Certification Class:

* You must have attended the Seraphic Wisdom workshop that you desire to teach and regularly activate the attunements.

* You must have completed a re-take of the course that you are interested in teaching with two different instructors to receive the overlay of energies and expanded information to prepare for the Teacher Initiations.

* Complete the Teacher Candidate Orientation with Teacher Mentor, Cynthia Smith

* Please note: You must attend the Teacher Candidate Orientation at least one time prior to becoming certified to teach any class. In this orientation call, you learn of the policies and benefits of being a teacher in the Seraphic Spheres community.

* Lastly, before you are to be considered an active teacher able to hold classes for others and before you are added to our teacher's page on our website, you must become a meditation facilitator of either one of The Seraphim Gaia Link Meditations as well as offer this meditation at the group level at least once.

The cost of Teacher Certification for The Seraph’s Love and Faith is $475.

The cost of Teacher Certification for The Birth of the New Avalon and The Light Essence Of The Rocky Mountains is $555.

** The Teacher Certification fees listed for all classes included in both Teacher Certification sections on this page include your 6-8 hour Teacher Certification class with Cynthia Smith as well as all teaching and marketing materials that you'll need to successfully begin your teaching practice, including a colored teacher facilitator and student manual.

**Additional note about becoming a teacher of The Light Essence of The Rocky Mountains Course:

Anyone certified to teach The Seraph's Love and Faith class is invited to take this course. 

7 Ways to Create Family Harmony with Love

Building a Rainbow Bridge

The Family Series is a body of work that will call to many who have been wishing to make a difference in our society starting with the dynamics of family and personal relationships. So many who have had training in counseling, energy work or spiritual guidance see the need and perhaps have explored or taught information to address the myriad of challenges faced by families today.

Never before has the public been offered such a comprehensive, broad range of topics compiled in one course. Topics that have been accumulated to offer enlightening, thought provoking information and offer real value solutions with a sprinkling of spirituality.

While this group of 7 workshops is intensive in its content, those who are parents, teachers or have a healing practice will find this course format easy to teach.

A complete package of full Teachers Manual and Student Outline for each module is given to teachers for consistency and ease of facilitating. Handouts and Flyers are also shared to provide everything you need to give you confidence to quickly schedule and offer this course as you are guided.

Requirements Necessary Before Taking the Teacher Certification Course:

* You must have attended all 7 of The Family Series workshops.

** Please Note: The remaining Teacher Certification requirements for 7 Ways to Create Family Harmony are the same as those listed for the 3 classes in the section above. 

The cost of Teacher Certification for 7 Ways to Create Family Harmony is $555.00. 

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