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The Birth of the New Avalon; 

Canada Land of Dreams is Awakening

Are you a New Earth Guardian who has been waiting for the awakening of your next step for expansion?

The information in this course as given to us by the Angel is unprecedented and timely. In the course, The Seraph’s Love and Faith, we were given healing energies for ourselves and to heal The United States of America. The rapid and profound anchoring of these energies has led to the next level of tools for personal development and assisting the country of Canada who is described as the Land of Dreams. This group process will then permit a more significant shift in consciousness for the planet. The universe does not recognize geographic boundaries. So regardless of where you live, by participating in the anchoring of these energies in both courses, you make a contribution to the progressive spiritual expansion of the continent of North America and the world. The explanation given to us of the New Avalon is as follows:

The energies of the New Avalon are ready to come into the world. The middle age Avalon was the kingdom of shamans and nature priestesses and so the New Avalon is the space for creating a new harmony between mankind and nature. Now is the time when the earth has been perfectly harmonized with the development of human consciousness; making way for the New Earth Guardians to take their own responsibility to enter the wonderful place called the New Avalon.

This advanced course in Seraphic Wisdom covers attunements and topics using Seraph ADALIAN’s Earth Healing Attunements for Canada’s sacred springs, sacred groves, crystalline treasures; consciousness of dolphins, keepers of the crystal sounds; your personal animal totem, power stone. You will learn to use star healing to re-connect with your power place in the universe and facilitate opening your cosmic potential. Those with a past link to Atlantian/Lemurian times will feel a quickening of recognition that will awaken the wisdom and power of their energetic personal double dorje. The many initiations received and the wisdom gained in this course is vastly enlightening and like nothing you have ever before experienced.

Guardians of the New Earth have been waiting and now is the time to awaken and utilize the gifts you possess.

Class Duration: 6 Hours

Base Fee: $275

In person workshops may be slightly higher to offset venue costs and teacher travel expense.

No Pre-requisites. Completion of this course allows the student to become certified as a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom

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