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7 Ways to Create Family Harmony with Love

Learning how to bring harmonious energy to all relationships.

This program was designed with a high degree of thoughtfulness; personal experience and desire to offer a comprehensive body of work that, when completed will support individuals to make a change to enhance family relationships. The intent is that when all 4 E’s contained in each module are integrated into your daily lifestyle, a change will occur that allows for LOVE, HARMONY and CREATIVITY; essential elements to the human soul for optimal well-being and happiness.

The purpose of this course is to recognize every day challenges that individuals and families’ face, to offer real value solutions, suggestions and resources, with a sprinkling of spirituality to assist in making changes that will foster and support the parents. The ultimate goal is to help the children, especially those identified as highly intuitive and sensitive by their parents.

The overall goal is to show individuals and families how to shift from chaos and conflict into harmonious relationships within and without our homes. We refer to the course as The Family Series, however, you will see that each workshop is also applicable and beneficial to all individuals who are interested in bringing mind, body and spirit into alignment in order to facilitate personal growth and expansion.

The Seraphic Wisdom Family Series contains 7 workshop modules. Each module is about 2 hours of class time. While each module is a stand-alone workshop, as the students’ progress from Module 1 through Module 7 a layering of information occurs when taking all modules in sequence, which will be optimally beneficial. 

Each module contains a formula for learning called the 4 E’s:

~ Enlightening thought provoking information
~ Exercises done in class with student (parent) interaction
​~ Energetic support for the spirit
~ Embrace and expect change

The 7 Module Topics that offer 7 Ways to Create Family Harmony with Love which will create a Rainbow Bridge between Parent and Child, Partners, Siblings and other important relationships in your life are:

~ Achieving Joy by Creating a Home with Consciousness

~ Nourishing your Body and Soul with Awareness
~ Conscious Parenting with Confidence
~ Harmonizing Blended and Biological Families by healing of your Inner Child
~ Communication through the Heart Language
~ Personal Wellness through Planetary Mindfulness
~ The Power of Gratitude and Appreciation; the Keys to Personal Growth

Class Duration: Each workshop module is about 2 hours. Course may be taught over a weekend retreat, weekly, or as designed by the teacher/facilitator to meet student needs.

Base Fee for teleconference or in-person workshops: $55 for each module. Pre-payment for full series of 7 modules discount rate of $333. Additional Introductory or Early Bird discounts may be offered in your area. 

See Community Calendar or Teacher Directory to find a teacher in your area.

Please note: In person workshop fees may be slightly higher to offset venue costs and teacher travel expense.

There is no pre-requisite. Everyone with a desire to experience personal expansion; find ways to create an improved family dynamic or enrich the relationship with your child, friend, co-worker is welcome to register.

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