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The Seraph who is the Guardian of North America

Our belief is that the Seraphim Angels are a collective consciousness that assist in governing the universe and galaxies that are in the divine order of universal alignment.

The Seraphim have been written about and channeled occasionally in the ancient past, but in recent times more assistance from them has consistently and frequently been made available to us. Usually the information comes from a Seraph, an aspect of the collective Seraphic consciousness. A Seraph, is an individual aspect of the group of Seraphim Angels. Sometimes a name is given to the Seraph to appease the human intellect and sometimes we assign “personality traits” to how the energy of this Seraph feels to us when we call upon him/her. There is no gender; this is a personality trait humans assign to how the energy feels.

The Seraph ADALIAN who states that he is “the Guardian of North America” has a focus toward America who is called the “Beacon of Light for Freedom”. We are told by the Seraph that “The most important issue is Love and Faith and America holds that topic for humanity worldwide.

Many describe this Seraph’s energy as soft, loving, compassionate with more of an invitation to do something and less of a sense of compelling urgency. Being introduced to the Seraphim Angels is always an experience of feeling their desire to share wisdom and guidance for our evolution as Spiritual Beings who are living a human existence on this earth. 

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The image below represents the Seraph ADALIAN's energetic symbol. 

If you are so guided, you may receive the energy of The Seraph ADALIAN at your invitation. 

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