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The History and Co-creation of Seraphic Spheres

Your Portal to Seraphic Wisdom

In early October of 2012, Manuela Puhlmann, who channeled the Seraph ADALIAN beginning in 2011 was told by the Seraph to come to North America. She was specifically told to anchor the Seraph ADALIAN energies in New York City. This was no small request. She lives in Germany, spoke little English at the time and had no idea who to connect with in the city or exactly where she was to facilitate these energies. Being a person who lives her life by the guidance of the angels, she did as requested with success.

The Seraphim have a specific emphasis on The United States as this country is a mirror to all around the world since the citizens are so diverse in ethnicity and cultures. America is young and energetically holds the torch of change as a beacon for freedom to enlightenment. 

This anchoring of the energies in New York City was like creating an energetic tap root for this country with roots spreading out over the country and into the adjacent countries that form North America. The energies anchored are now found in the course for Seraphic Wisdom called, The Seraph’s Love and Faith.

With Manuela’s success in anchoring the Seraphic energies, consequently, later that month, Cynthia Smith was asked to assist in writing the course, The Seraph’s Love and Faith. She was then guided to begin teaching the course and facilitating the energies for the first time on December 21, 2012 and had a large initial group of students who became Practitioners of Seraphic Wisdom.

In May of 2013 Cynthia was asked to become the Teacher for Teachers in North America and was given the title of Teacher Mentor of Seraphic Wisdom. As the administrative person who wears a lot of hats in the Seraphic Spheres community, she prefers to be known as is the CIO of Seraphic Spheres, the Chief Inspirational Officer. 

 Later in 2013 a group of Founding Teachers came together to be initiated as the first Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom and everyone worked together to co-create the foundation for the organization known as Seraphic Spheres.

The first course, The Seraph’s Love and Faith and future courses from the Seraph ADALIAN are known as Seraphic Wisdom taught within the Seraphic Spheres organization. Those who take the Seraphic Wisdom courses become certified as Practitioners of Seraphic Wisdom  and those who are guided to complete the certification program are the Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom. We have also grown to offer additional certifications for The Seraphim Gaia Link Meditation Facilitators.

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