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Cynthia Smith, CIO

Teacher Mentor of Seraphic Wisdom

Facilitator & Teacher Trainer of All Seraphic Wisdom Courses

Available for Speaking Engagements and Private Sessions

Offers Teleconference classes



My primary role within Seraphic Spheres is to support a cohesive structure and energetic grid that holds the community of Practitioners and Teachers who work with the Seraphim energies of Seraph ADALIAN. As the co-creator of all Seraphic Wisdom courses, I offer classes as guided. However, my primary assignment from the Seraphic Consciousness is to train new teachers and mentor their success in assisting their students in the most optimal manner. I have been designated by the Angel as the CIO of Seraphic Spheres, Chief Inspirational Officer and that resonates well with my soul’s purpose on this earth.

I have enjoyed an extensive business background in the corporate world that honed the skills which all organizational endeavors need to have for unified guidelines and policies and awareness. This diverse experience combined with the energetic infrastructure allows for the opportunity to co-create within the community a sense of harmony and growth. Our goal is to work together in a manner that allows for Teachers and Practitioners to support each other through networking, periodic informal teleconferences and quarterly Teacher Mentoring gatherings which I facilitate. Our philosophy is to work together in unity not conformity or competition, this has proven to create and hold a space of connective-ness, expansion and love within our community.

While on this path, I have been privileged to have several wonderful spiritual teachers who not only shared their knowledge, but also challenged and stimulated me to keep moving forward in my personal achievements. A great sense of accomplishment and joy was derived from four years of dedication to expanding and bringing awareness to the Seraphim Blueprint Energy System. As one of the first full time teachers, I achieved certifications to teach all levels and advanced courses. I was also certified as a worldwide Teacher Trainer in Seraphim Healing Advanced. It has been my joy to also incorporate my studies in Meditation, Crystals, Feng Shui and other healing arts such as Reiki and Plant Wisdom into my teaching perspective.

As a steward of the earth, I am also a Master Gardener and Guardian of Gaia. In 2012, I was honored to be introduced to Seraph ADALIAN, the Guardian of North America. Since that time a path was cleared that led to an accelerated personal unfolding which resulted in focusing my time to teaching his loving energies. This led to the co-creation of Seraphic Spheres; Your Portal to Seraphic Wisdom. It is my honor and joy to welcome you into this loving group of Practitioners and Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom.

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