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Your Portal To Angelic Wisdom

What is Seraphic Wisdom?

Seraphic Wisdom is a gift from the Seraphim angels to all of humanity.

It is the universal knowledge that transcends the day to day chatter that distracts us from our inherent understanding of a higher source of guidance and wisdom.

When received, this wisdom will feel familiar and will resonate with your higher self, what may be called intuition or innate knowing. As spirits living in a human body, we feel joy when developing our expansion to reach a deeper level of guidance and connection to a higher source of Love. This guidance can lead us down an enlightened path that gains access to a new way of being; a way to live in ease, rather than dis-ease.

This philosophy of Mindful Living is supported by all of our courses. You will see on the Seraphic Wisdom page our course descriptions that offer assistance with personal daily challenges, real value solutions, and a sprinkling of spirituality. 

These gifts from the Seraphim Angels assist us to support the effects of change felt within our country and globally with ease and joy; not stress and conflict. The Waves of Love, Healing and Manifestation of Abundance as received in The Seraph’s Love and Faith course are readily available to everyone, as all of our courses have no prerequisites.

For those who delight in interacting with the higher dimensional Earth Beings, The Light Essence of The Rocky Mountains, brings another added dynamic of working with the gifts that lie within the Light Sphere of the Rocky Mountains. Receiving the energies of the Quantum Waves of Love and Faith and other Waves expands and builds upon the foundation that has been and continues to be created by Practitioners of Seraphic Wisdom.

For those who are new to an energy practice or those who have embarked long ago on their journey of enlightenment, in the Seraphic Spheres you can connect with the Seraphim angels to fulfill your destiny to become a Practitioner or Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom

The Birth of the New Avalon course will particularly resonate with those who have been waiting to upshift and step into their role as a New Earth Guardian. 

The course 7 Ways to Create Family Harmony with Love was created for parents who are faced with the challenge of raising their children to live in a harmonious balance with the earth.

The fact that you have found yourself at this website is not an accident, but synchronicity. Your higher self, your guides are perhaps bringing this information into your awareness because the time is right for you to make the next advancement on your path of enlightenment so that you can fulfill your pre-destined blueprint, your soul’s purpose while on this earth.

Visit the Class Calendar link for class schedules, free Seraphim Gaia Link meditation gatherings and introductory presentations scheduled throughout The United States and Canada, as well as, other countries.

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We invite you to explore this website to learn more about Seraphic Wisdom and then visit our Teachers Directory.

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