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Pamela Cobb

Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom

Certified to Teach:

The Seraph’s Love and Faith

The Birth of the New Avalon

The Seraphim Gaia Link For Planetary Development Meditation

The Seraphim Gaia Link Matrix of Light Meditation

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada

Offers Teleconference Classes


Phone: 702-521-6345 

Hi Every One and Welcome to my Seraphic Wisdom page. My spiritual journey has been one of slow movement forward. I have always known that I was connected to the heavenly universal realms. I knew that I was loved and protected not only by my earthly family but from my angelic family. Many of us take a human journey that is similar. We have a career, get married, have a family, then we retire, enjoying our grandchildren. I, as so many, are no different. 

In 2010 my life had a major shift. I lost a career job in the Las Vegas legal community, and had knee surgery. My parents’ health was deteriorating requiring major surgery, recovery and soon after, transition to heaven. Life as I knew it was changing dramatically and quickly. This was the start of my new Life Path. I started volunteering at the Ganesha Spiritual Center in Las Vegas and found myself in my first Reiki class learning about Universal Source energy and its healing abilities. My spiritual life was beginning to move in a fast forward direction. I was knowledge hungry. I took Seraphim Blueprint Guardian of Gaia and Shambala workshops. I learned about Orbs. I have pictures of Orbs over the ocean in Cabo San Lucas with a silhouette of my father inside one. Some truly miraculous stuff happens when you allow and become conscious of the power of the Universe (God) and decide to work with and in it.

I am now a certified Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom to assist Seraph ADALIAN with the teachings of Love and Faith. It is with great joy and humbleness that I offer Seraph ADALIAN’S Love and Faith Course. To become familiar with this knowledge, I offer a one hour introductory class in which you will receive a taste of Seraph ADALIAN’S Wave of Love and Faith. In addition to the Seraphic Wisdom teaching certification, I am also a Seraphim Blueprint Energy (Levels 1-6) Practitioner, Guardian of Gaia and have achieved the level of Master of Reiki and I am a Shambala practioner Level 1. I have also been attuned to give Seraphic Planetary washes, which I offer to clients.

If this information resonates with you, I offer the Seraph’s Love and Faith complete eight hour workshop with the beautiful series of 22 energy attunements. Becoming a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom will enable you to share this energy with others and with our beautiful Mother Earth, Gaia. I invite you to visit the Seraphic Wisdom page (community calendar) for more information and a list of classes which may be attended locally or via telephone conference. 

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