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Liz Ann Fischer

Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom

Certified to Teach:

The Seraph’s Love and Faith

The Birth of the New Avalon

7 Ways to Create Family Harmony With Love

The Seraphim Gaia Link For Planetary Development Meditation

The Seraphim Gaia Link Matrix of Light Meditation

Located in Colorado

Offers Skype, Zoom, or Teleconference Classes



Phone: 720-357-0017

Liz Ann is one of the original teachers chosen in 2013 to bring the loving, elegant and powerful energy of Seraph ADALIAN to the US. Through the classes offered by Seraph ADALIAN, The Guardian of North America, she is able to share this healing gift with others. She has been intuitive since childhood and is able to bring specific messages from your guides, angels, and the Seraphim to you for your insight and advancement.

Liz Ann has been an energy healer and intuitive for over 25 years as a Reiki Master/Teacher, a Reconnection and Biogenesis practitioner and an ordained minister. In 2007, she was guided to close her healing center in Georgia and move to Denver beginning her relationship with the Seraphim.

In 2013, shortly after becoming a Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom, she began channeling the new personal meditation system from Andalithar, a Light Being, from Andromeda, and the Seraph Mishaka. This gift, The Seraphim Rose Pyramid System for Soul Realization and Full Embodiment, is now fully available for humanity. We are told that this work has never been on Earth before, but humanity is now able to receive this high-vibrational system to support our personal and collective advancement. Liz Ann was guided to offer this soul system to others in 2017.

As a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom, Liz Ann connects your heart to the love and healing of Seraph ADALIAN, Andalithar, Seraph Mishaka, All Seraphim, and your angels and guides so that you may be a divine co-creator of your daily life and spiritual journey.

Thank you for being present, and I look forward to meeting you to share the magnificence and blessings of loving Seraphim and all Angels. 

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