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Dana Suazo

Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom

Certified to Teach:

The Seraph’s Love and Faith

The Light Essence of the Rocky Mountains

The Seraphin Gaia Link for Planetary Development Meditation

The Seraphim Gaia Link Matrix of Light Meditation




Dana is a Reiki Teacher Master, Intuitive Energetic Healer, Magdalene Rose Priestess and a Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom. A native of Colorado, Dana now dedicates her heart and soul to making the world a better place.

Dana has a presence of deep peace and harmony. She embraces the concept that we should all be compassionate and kind to those around us because we’re all here to help each other grow and flourish. Dana hopes for a society that is more inclusive and empathetic to all, a community that embraces those who are unique rather than alienating them. She works to help people reach their higher consciousness to create a kinder, more caring world.

Dana is an Intuitive Reiki Master and Energy Healer. She uses the following healing modalities: Reiki, Shamanism, Aromatherapy, Seraphim Rose Pyramid System for Soul Realization and Full Embodiment, Seraphic Healing Energies and Sound Healing to calm and soothe people who have experienced trauma and who are deeply healing on many levels.

The healing energy that is produced allows those who are receiving to travel to various dimensional levels of consciousness. This assists in opening the energy channels offering profound awakenings through the healing process. “Stuck” energies are cleared offering exponential results.

Another part of Dana’s gift is that she is a connector. She is always keeping her eye out for “everybody wins” situations. This inspires and fulfills her in many ways. It is in her truth that she has been guided to where she is. She stepped into learning, believing, and loving the abilities gifted to her to share with others. This is her opportunity to be available for others whenever they need it. She has answered her calling and stands by her soul's purpose every day. There is no one she would not help. She is grateful to hold and share this healing and love and be able to give it to anyone who needs and wants it. It is her blessing to share with others. This is the purpose behind her healing practice, One Thread Healing.

Dana’s previous career working for a law firm has really helped her to integrate ethics and integrity into her energy healing business. Dana worked for a non-profit organization called Healthy Learning Paths, which helped Dana clearly realize her life’s mission to connect, support and empower others.

When Dana is not working to enlighten and share her gifts with others, she also participates in fitness activities such as yoga and dance classes. Dana loves to attend concerts, especially at the magical outdoor amphitheater, Red Rocks. She meditates daily and adores nature hikes with her dog and being fully present in the moment, wherever she is.

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