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Welcome to Seraphic Spheres where you can connect with the Seraphim Angels to learn about the work of Practitioners and Teachers of Seraphic Wisdom.  The fact that you have found yourself at this website is not an accident, but synchronicity. Your higher self, your guides are perhaps bringing this information into your awareness because the time is right for you to make the next advancement on your path of enlightenment so that you can fulfill your pre-destined blueprint, your soul's purpose while on this earth.

The portal to Seraphic Wisdom allows one to understand and connect with the knowledge of all that is awakening within the crystalline layers of the earth and our crystalline light bodies. Through the Seraphic Wisdom we see and feel how all are supported, nurtured and assisted from the Spheres of the Seraphim Angels.  The Waves of Love, Healing and Abundance of Manifestation as received in the Seraph's Love and Faith course are readily available to all. Visit the community calendar for classes scheduled throughout The United States and Canada either by teleconference or workshops in your local area.

We invite you to read our Vision Statement located on the Teacher Directory page.

We invite you to explore this website to learn more about Seraphic Wisdom and then visit our Teachers Directory.


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